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FIRST USE: 20130912. FIRST USE IN COMMERCE: 20130912

Used in conjunction with:  Xgenasys

The expressión is listed in one or more patents filed in: 2013, 2014 and 2015. How funny search results are; this domain has been live since:  September 9th - 2013  Fortunately, we have the searched results in PDF’s from multiple days, that provides we were the first to use and create the disciplined description; wherein further we have emails  sent out to slugs preventing them from using.

What’s is even worse, society at its core leans to socialism, nothing belongs to you; everything is everyones property. 


However, all search manipulator engines, e.g. google, bing & yahoo does not index sites content properly.


One would have to step back a few cliffs, gather oneself and 

fully realize a few things...


That is to say: One would think and interpret the right to secure data transmission of any type otherwise if controlled by; a select few whether business, citizen and or governments that can access data-content without authorization, can and will use such content to increase handlers position and or power; wherein doing so simply reflects the political theory derived from Karl Marx, secretly advocating class war and leading to a society in which all property (phone calls, emails, texts messages, search results and data-content and so on) is publicly owned or owned by the provider and each person works and is paid according to their abilities and needs; wherein as those with the power so chose to allow and or control.

Manipuated Search Results are purely a Communistic Tatic - period!


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